Learning More.

I think that any sort of ally behavior should include continuous learning and listening to marginalized people when they speak. A part of this is also not insisting that marginalized people speak on… Continue reading

Captain America: Civil War.

So last night I went to finally go see Captain America: Civil War and just have so many thoughts about the film. *Spoilers for the film. This felt like the most relatable Marvel movie… Continue reading

My own limitations and faults as a white person.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my own whiteness, complicity in oppressive systems, and desire to be seen as the perfect ally. I’m obsessed with being seen as a good white person and I… Continue reading

Gender Queries.

I have been thinking about gender a lot lately – mostly about how there are way too many people concerned with the genitals of others. It’s so interesting to see cis people’s fascination… Continue reading

Quote on the deaths of queer characters.

Stories change us. They are what we see, what we tell, and what we live. At the end of the day, the world comes home to stories. How can we possibly evolve as… Continue reading

One issue at a time

I was on Facebook recently and noticed that a friend had written something along the lines of “while everyone is arguing about bathrooms, there’s this other issue happening” and it struck me as… Continue reading

Captain America.

Spoiler alert for the comic Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. So recently, the comic Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 came out and revealed a big secret at the end: Cap has actually been… Continue reading

LGBTQ+ Representation.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about LGBTQ+ and queer representation in media, in part because of bisexual erasure in many shows, LGBTQ+ characters often not living too long, and the queer coding of villains… Continue reading

Rethinking Queer.

It should be no shock at this point that I identify with the label of queer – it’s part of the name of this blog, I’ve written briefly about it before, and I’ve… Continue reading

Beyoncé – Lemonade. (Updated.)

Last week, Beyoncé’s latest and hour long visual album LEMONADE premiered on HBO (later released on Tidal, iTunes, etc) and it felt like the world collectively lost their shit. The film weaves new… Continue reading