Hurt Feelings and Getting Called Out.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is the difference between hurt feelings and oppression. Getting called out on problematic, ignorant behavior and opinions and learning to be okay with it was definitely… Continue reading

Telling Someone Else’s Story and the White Savior Complex

One thing that has come to be my biggest pet peeves is allies trying to tell someone else’s story. While I was growing up and finding my own way as a beginning activist,… Continue reading


Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about activism and what it means to be an activist in the current technological age. Part of this has been that not everyone… Continue reading

Climate Change

A few years ago while I was a senior in high school, a friend of mine mentioned that she found it odd that no one had challenged a science teacher about climate change… Continue reading

Links, Articles, and Cartoons: Oh My!

A big part of why I wanted to start this blog was to have a place to write and learn about issues like racism, misogyny, transphobia, heterosexism, privilege, oppression, etc etc. And one… Continue reading

Web Series and YouTubers

To be completely honestly, part of the reason I love web series is because I usually have the attention span slightly larger than a goldfish and the videos of web series tend to… Continue reading

My Own Faith and the Struggle of Being Faithfully LGBTQ+

In my life, I’ve spent a large portion of my educational career at a Catholic school – my elementary/middle school was a tiny little Catholic school in my hometown and my oh so… Continue reading

Body Shame and Loving Yourself

I’ve written a lot about my body over the past few months, including my struggles with gender and being fat in a capitalistic society. A lot of this happens to be because my… Continue reading

On Being an Ally (The Beginning)

Specifically within queer and trans or LGBT spaces, we’ve created ally as an identity or as a label and it should more be like a process or an action. Janet Mock, on episode… Continue reading

#TransDayOfVisibility 2015

Today (March 31st) is Trans Day of Visibility and after writing a rather long post yesterday about gender, I’d thought I would include some resources not only for trans people but for others… Continue reading