I have a long list of websites and blogs that I love reading that pertain to feminism, politics, race, queerness, etc etc. I’ve linked to several in a few different posts but thought I’d list all my favorites in one easy spot. So here it goes!

  • Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture – a magazine and website that responds to mainstream pop culture with a feminist frame
  • Black Girl Dangerous – a website that works to amplify the voices and experiences of queer and trans people of color
  • The Crunk Feminist Collective – a feminist space for hip hop generation feminists of color, queer and straight, in academia and without
  • Eliel Cruz
  • Everyday Feminism
  • Fabien Romero’s Writing
  • Guerrilla Feminism – a global intersectional feminist network (their Facebook page is great)
  • Hope Remains – A Christian LGBTQ+ resource about sexuality and the Bible
  • Hyphenated* Lives – a weekly podcast that discusses a range of issues
  • I am Not Haraam
  • Keshet
  • Native Appropriations
  • Nia King – Oakland based activist, who is the author of Queer and Trans Artists of Color and the host of the podcast We Want the Airwaves
  • Organizing for Power
  • Render – a feminist food and culture quarterly, a magazine that focuses on cooking and food with a feminist lens
  • TransTorah
  • UW Law School Racial Justice and Racial Justice at the University of Washington Law School – stories and updates of experiencing racial mirco/marco aggressions from students attending the UW Law School

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