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Why I am Pro-Choice.

I am adamantly pro-choice in the issue of abortion and in the sense of reproductive health. There are so many reasons for this but the biggest and most fundamental reasons lies with the… Continue reading

Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

I just recently finished the Netflix and Marvel show Jessica Jones and it honestly had me on the edge of my seat for the entire season. Here I’ll be talking about the show… Continue reading

Quote on Planned Parenthood and Abortion.

In the wake of the attack on Planned Parenthood, I’ve noticed that a lot of well-meaning people are defending the organization by saying that it is not just an abortion clinic, or pointing… Continue reading

Planned Parenthood and why #IStandWithPP

I have and will continue to be a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood for so many different reasons. The nonprofit provides accessible health care for all those who need it and provide a… Continue reading