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Pronouns and Gender.

The weight we put on gender is incredible and it’s starts for people often before birth (and definitely when they’re assigned their gender at birth). We assume what babies might turn out to… Continue reading

Sex work and listening to sex workers.

I want to start this by saying that I am not a sex worker in any sense of the term, nor have I ever been. Rather than trying (and definitely failing) to regurgitate… Continue reading

Healing and Safe Spaces.

Having spaces specifically for marginalized identities can often be lifesaving and revolutionary because in a country and culture where institutional racism, heterosexism, transphobia/transmisogyny, and many other things exist, it can be exhausting to continuously… Continue reading

Pushing Back on Privilege – Ability.

While I do struggle with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, I am very abled in many other ways. I’m able to access a variety of different resources or attend events because… Continue reading

Tone Policing.

Tone policing is the act of shaming someone for their often legitimate anger regarding oppression or saying that it’s counterproductive to respond in such an emotional way. It’s the suggestion that if people were… Continue reading

Trans Day of Remembrance – #tdor.

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember and speak the names of the people we’ve lost over the past year because of transphobic violence. It’s a day to mourn, to… Continue reading

Tips On Being An Ally.

I’ve written about being an ally before and the many things you need to do to be one because allyship is a constant set of behaviors. But I wanted to write again about… Continue reading


Cissexism is a relatively new term that describes the ways in which we as a society assume that being cisgender is right or normal among other things.  The thing about cissexism is that… Continue reading

Student Protests.

Education and academia is often a really difficult place to navigate as a marginalized person, particularly as a person of color (although there are other issues!). And there have been plenty of student… Continue reading

To My Fellow White People.

I really want to address whiteness as a (socially constructed) racial group and as a privileged position within the world because it’s something that we as white people need to be addressing in… Continue reading