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So the hashtag #MyFeminismIs on Twitter was started by the Ms. Foundation for Women organization as a way to “paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of the Feminism as we continue to challenge… Continue reading


I am a trans person (a nonbinary woman to be exact) and so very queer (some sort of bisexual/ace/aro combination? Not entirely sure but definitely sure about being queer). And every year, National… Continue reading

Protecting and Supporting Trans Individuals.

I’ve written about this before – talking about how we need to protect all our sisters not just our cis-sters, #TransIsBeautiful and #GirlsLikeUs, resources for trans individuals, among many other posts. And I’ll… Continue reading


Lamia Beard, Keyshia Blige, London Chanel, India Clarke, Taja DeJesus, Tamara Dominguez, Papi Edwards, K.C. Haggard #TransLiberationTuesday — Jamie Piperato (@JamiePiperato) August 25, 2015 Today, the hashtag #transliberationtuesday on Twitter is calling for… Continue reading

White Feminism™.

I’ve been meaning to write about white feminism for awhile now because I think it’s an important thing to talk about. The distinction of white feminism is to address the practice of centering… Continue reading

Feminist Friday: Protect all sisters, not just cis-ters.

I’m not going to lie – I’ll fight anyone that doesn’t think trans women are women. Because trans women are fundamentally women and my sisters in this struggle. And I do want to… Continue reading

Hurt Feelings and Getting Called Out.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is the difference between hurt feelings and oppression. Getting called out on problematic, ignorant behavior and opinions and learning to be okay with it was definitely… Continue reading

Telling Someone Else’s Story and the White Savior Complex

One thing that has come to be my biggest pet peeves is allies trying to tell someone else’s story. While I was growing up and finding my own way as a beginning activist,… Continue reading

On Being an Ally (The Beginning)

Specifically within queer and trans or LGBT spaces, we’ve created ally as an identity or as a label and it should more be like a process or an action. Janet Mock, on episode… Continue reading