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Intersectionality is more than a buzzword.

So probably around 10 months ago, I wrote about intersectionality and the importance of remembering the intersections of identities. I quoted Audre Lorde in that post who said something along the lines that… Continue reading

The necessity of #BlackLivesMatter and the distraction of #AllLivesMatter

One of the easiest ways to get me to roll my eyes in the most dramatic way possible is to sincerely say ‘all lives matter’ in response to hearing the phrase ‘black lives… Continue reading

Israel, Palestine, and #BlackLivesMatter

I have a significantly limited knowledge and understanding of the Israel/Palestine conflict so this post is more about referencing others’ work about what is happening and some historical context.   I’m Jewish but… Continue reading

Check Your Privilege.

An important part of participating in any sort of struggle or fight for justice is checking any sort of privilege you might hold. Everyone has some sort of privilege – whether it’s race,… Continue reading


Lamia Beard, Keyshia Blige, London Chanel, India Clarke, Taja DeJesus, Tamara Dominguez, Papi Edwards, K.C. Haggard #TransLiberationTuesday — Jamie Piperato (@JamiePiperato) August 25, 2015 Today, the hashtag #transliberationtuesday on Twitter is calling for… Continue reading

#MikeBrown – one year later

It’s been one year since Micheal Brown Jr. was shot and murdered by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. The last year has been emotional and full of protests calling for justice. Protests have… Continue reading

#WhatHappenedToSandyBland and #JusticeforSandy

Many have probably have heard about what happened to a black woman named Sandra Bland in Texas a few weeks ago. A brief recap though: on Friday, July 10th, Bland was pulled over… Continue reading


Over the past several weeks and continuing throughout the summer, community organizers and the organization Operation Help or Hush have been working on regular events in several cities across the United States that… Continue reading

#FreeBree – Bree Newsome and the incredible act of capture the flag.

This is yet another really late post and many probably have already heard what happened but I still wanted to write about Bree Newsome – the black woman who scaled a flag pole… Continue reading

#Pride should be proclaiming that #BlackLivesMatter.

Black Lives Matter @Chicago Pride pic.twitter.com/kbJm4wz89o — joey mogul (@JoeyMogul) June 28, 2015 #blackoutpride #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/B6rwbEB3ps — Sarah Cantaloupe (@SarahCantaloupe) June 28, 2015 #BlackOutPride happening now pic.twitter.com/pB3ChTGpvX — Amaris Moore (@Amaris_Moore) June 28,… Continue reading