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I spent a good chunk of my college career working on different interfaith committees – primarily focusing on LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces and the sanctuary movement. As someone who had very little experience with… Continue reading

Josephine by J Mase III

The above poem is one of my favorites – it’s from J Mase III about what the Bible says about trans and gender nonconforming people. And I love it so much because despite… Continue reading

The Controversy of Junípero Serra.

Pope Francis’ visit to the US has been all over US news lately – so far Papa Frank has visited President Obama in the Oval House, he’s taken lunch with people experiencing homelessness… Continue reading

Being Queer and Having Faith.

I’ve written before about struggling with faith and my own queerness -coming out while attending a particularly Catholic university made things difficult from time to time. And having attended a Catholic elementary and middle… Continue reading

Faith and Activism.

One of the reasons I haven’t been back to church or joined a faith community in the last year or so is because I have personally found the lack of activism in some… Continue reading


Stop the passive language. Fires aren’t “breaking out” at Black churches. Black churches are being set on fire. #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches — Charles Wade (@akacharleswade) July 1, 2015 #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches?!?? (thanks again to @UnitedBlackout for whipping… Continue reading

My Own Faith and the Struggle of Being Faithfully LGBTQ+

In my life, I’ve spent a large portion of my educational career at a Catholic school – my elementary/middle school was a tiny little Catholic school in my hometown and my oh so… Continue reading