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Taking up less space.

I have spent most of my life desperately trying to take up less space. I’ve stayed quiet, gone to public spaces during times they’d have the least amount of people, worn dull colors.… Continue reading

Being Fat.

I often wonder if anyone will be able to see past my fatness because at this point, that doesn’t seem likely. Hell, I can barely see my own humanity under my double chin… Continue reading

Being Worthy of Love.

I often think about love – from family to friends to the random people I went to school with, I see a lot of people happy and in love and I wonder if… Continue reading

Fat, Queer, NonBinary, and Clothed.

Finding clothing while fat, queer, and nonbinary is regularly difficult and often a drain on my self esteem. In my experience, when overt femininity fails (if stores even try femininity or bright colors… Continue reading

Medical Gatekeepers.

Okay so in this post I’m going to specifically be talking about medical gatekeepers in relation to how many are making medical access difficult for people who are trans and/or fat. And when… Continue reading

A note on fatness.

I made the mistake today of watching a really awful video that was essentially this person rambling on about how terrible fat people are. I don’t know why I kept watching it after… Continue reading

Fat Shaming And Loving Your Body.

I’ve mentioned before my relationship with my own body and with fatness. Because I’m fat and I’ve pretty much always been fat, my self esteem and my self worth has frequently been hinged… Continue reading

I love my body so fuck you.

I am fat, overweight, a big boned person. Have been pretty much my entire life. And throughout my entire life, I have hated pretty much everything about my body. I’ve hated the fat… Continue reading

Beauty Norms.

Through years and generations and centuries of violent colonialism, white supremacy, and imperialism, the US has gotten really great at whitewashing beauty norms and normalizing beauty norms to mean a specific set of… Continue reading

Thin Privilege, Fat Shaming, and Everything in between

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience of being fat  and how my body has always been open for public comment and critique because I am fat. People always think that my… Continue reading