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During one semester at my alma mater, I was involved in a student movement on my campus that called for more inclusive policies from the administration in relation to LGBTQ+ identities. For those… Continue reading


The thing about gender is that the only thing that really dictates it is you. If you identify as one gender or another (or more than one or none), the thing that determines… Continue reading

To My Fellow White People.

I really want to address whiteness as a (socially constructed) racial group and as a privileged position within the world because it’s something that we as white people need to be addressing in… Continue reading


So the hashtag #MyFeminismIs on Twitter was started by the Ms. Foundation for Women organization as a way to “paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of the Feminism as we continue to challenge… Continue reading


Halloween is my favorite holiday to be honest. I love dressing up, I love haunted houses and scary movies even though they both scare the shit out of me, I love Halloween games,… Continue reading

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs).

Intersectionality is an important part of feminism and by having it be a central part of feminism, we recognize the intersecting identities that all influence our lives in different ways. Some women deal with… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Month.

In addition to being LGBT+ history month, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s been really interesting to see some of the activism to fight this type of cancer.  I lost… Continue reading

An Inclusive LGBT+ Community.

Bisexuality and Trans Identities There seems to be this weird trend in some LGBT+ circles where instead of being an inclusive community of all identities under the LGBT+ umbrella, many will focus solely… Continue reading

Diversity in Hollywood.

A few months ago, I wrote about two concepts (the Bechdel Test and Every Single Word) that highlight the lack of diversity in US media and that lack of diversity is something to… Continue reading

My Coming Out Journey.

I could very easily call this my coming out story but the thing about coming out in a cissexist and heteronormative world is that coming out happens all the time. It’s a journey, one… Continue reading