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‘Quiet Heroes’ [film review]

When the HIV/AIDS epidemic first started in the 1970s, things progressed from confusing to terrible for an already marginalized community in the United States. However, there were two health professionals and a group… Continue reading

Why I am Pro-Choice.

I am adamantly pro-choice in the issue of abortion and in the sense of reproductive health. There are so many reasons for this but the biggest and most fundamental reasons lies with the… Continue reading

LGBTQ+ Health.

Health care is a tricky thing, especially in the US. There’s insurance to deal with and finding the right doctors/therapists/other professionals that also take your insurance or are a right fit. And when… Continue reading

Accessible Health Care.

I have written about Planned Parenthood before in various contexts and how much I love and support the organization. And a part of that support comes from the accessibility and welcoming atmosphere of… Continue reading

Medical Gatekeepers.

Okay so in this post I’m going to specifically be talking about medical gatekeepers in relation to how many are making medical access difficult for people who are trans and/or fat. And when… Continue reading