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The Young Lords.

A couple years after the Black Panther Party was getting started in Oakland, CA, another organization was starting in New York City, based from a Chicago gang of the same name. The Young Lords… Continue reading

Rosa Parks.

There is so much more about our history, especially in regards to the Civil Rights Movement, that we don’t learn about. We as white people are so eager to whitewash history, to bend… Continue reading


I lived in Portland, OR for a couple years and was just head over heels for the city. There’s so much that I loved (and still love) about the city and the state… Continue reading


The way that history is commonly presented in the US (at least in my experience) has been lacking in intersectionality and ironically historical context. I don’t think that individual history teachers are the… Continue reading

Your Faves are Problematic – Christopher Columbus.

Okay maybe the title is misleading – I’m not entirely sure if Christopher Columbus is anyone’s favorite but the main point is that that he was super problematic and there’s a lot more… Continue reading