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History of the LGBTQ Flag.

These days, the rainbow flag is a symbol for the LGBTQ community and thousands of people march with the flag through streets all over the world during Pride month. But the flag has… Continue reading

Non-apologies and Trans Characters in Hollywood.

There seems to be a weird trend where someone is called out on a mistake only for them to issue a non-apology that takes none of the blame. Making mistakes is inevitable –… Continue reading

#SpiritDay – Stand Up Against Bullying!

Today is the fifth annual Spirit Day, one in which people wear purple to take a stand against the bullying that LGBTQ+ youth often face. The fact of the matter is that there… Continue reading

On Being an Ally (The Beginning)

Specifically within queer and trans or LGBT spaces, we’ve created ally as an identity or as a label and it should more be like a process or an action. Janet Mock, on episode… Continue reading

My use of the word ‘queer’

Queer for me is a loaded term. There is the history of violence and hatred but for me right here right now, the term is a reclaimed one that only the person using… Continue reading