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Living through and supporting suicide attempt survivors.

(tw: suicide) Buzzfeed recently released a video of four suicide attempt survivors talking about their lives leading up to the attempt and how they’ve coped since. (tw: suicide and rape)

Sex work and listening to sex workers.

I want to start this by saying that I am not a sex worker in any sense of the term, nor have I ever been. Rather than trying (and definitely failing) to regurgitate… Continue reading

Writing Characters and People Different from You.

Last week, I wrote about some writing tips to potentially help out with school papers, fanfics, novels, articles, etc and included many different resources that could help with writing. But I also wanted… Continue reading

Writing Tips

Whether you’re writing a term paper, a novel, a fanfic, a book, a journal, or just about anything, there are times in which writing can be hard. There are so many things that… Continue reading

Resource Lists.

Thought I’d compile some resources lists out there – all with topics ranging from how to be an adult (kind of), gender, sex work, etc. Not all will be applicable to every person… Continue reading

Resources for Trans Individuals.

So I wanted to compile a short list of resources for trans individuals about housing and clothing resources, different master posts with resources, and stories from trans people themselves. And I really wanted… Continue reading