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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Each year, many around the United States celebrate Columbus Day to honor the man who sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and “discovered” the Americas. Columbus Day happens each year on the second… Continue reading

Quote on schools with high concentrations of low income and minority students.

Even within urban school districts, schools with high concentrations of low-income and minority students receive fewer instructional resources than others. And tracking systems exacerbate these inequalities by segregating many low-income and minority students… Continue reading


The way that history is commonly presented in the US (at least in my experience) has been lacking in intersectionality and ironically historical context. I don’t think that individual history teachers are the… Continue reading

White Student Unions – Unnecessary on College Campuses.

Recently, White Student Unions have been popping up at different universities – apparently more than 30 universities now have one, including Georgia State University, NYU, UCLA, and the University of Missouri. The one… Continue reading

Student Protests.

Education and academia is often a really difficult place to navigate as a marginalized person, particularly as a person of color (although there are other issues!). And there have been plenty of student… Continue reading

#SpiritDay – Stand Up Against Bullying!

Today is the fifth annual Spirit Day, one in which people wear purple to take a stand against the bullying that LGBTQ+ youth often face. The fact of the matter is that there… Continue reading

Indigenous People’s Day.

Today is Indigenous People’s day not Columbus day. — Mr. Credible Hulk (@Pundit_AcadEMIC) October 12, 2015 A few days ago, I wrote about how Christopher Columbus was in fact really cruel and has… Continue reading

Accessibility to higher education

Going to college in my family was always a given – many of my family members on my mom’s side have at least a Bachelor’s degree and some have Master’s. From a young… Continue reading