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Jennicet Gutiérrez – the undocumented trans women who challenged the President.

My existence is my resistance! #TransLiberation #not1more #NiUnaMas #liberationnotdeportation pic.twitter.com/ecyJN3k34l — Jennicet Gutiérrez (@JennicetG) June 3, 2015 Why undocumented #LGBT activist Jennicet Gutiérrez protested deportations at White House pride reception: http://t.co/Re39KbeCNd — ELIXHER… Continue reading

Feminist Friday: Protect all sisters, not just cis-ters.

I’m not going to lie – I’ll fight anyone that doesn’t think trans women are women. Because trans women are fundamentally women and my sisters in this struggle. And I do want to… Continue reading

History of Pride Month: Stonewall Riots

Understanding the history and context of the LGBTQ+ pride month that currently exists is really important, especially since the history tends to drastically erase major parts and key players. The current pride month… Continue reading

#TransIsBeautiful and #CallMeCaitlyn

By now, you might have already seen Caitlyn Jenner’s photo shoot and cover on Vanity Fair. I am so happy for Caitlyn – living to your authentic truth is unbelievable freeing and wonderful.… Continue reading

#TransDayOfVisibility 2015

Today (March 31st) is Trans Day of Visibility and after writing a rather long post yesterday about gender, I’d thought I would include some resources not only for trans people but for others… Continue reading

Violence against Trans Women

A few months ago, I wrote about intersectionality and included a PDF of the research that I did for a class during my senior year of university, in which I found academic research that… Continue reading