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Moving Forward.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can move forward in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando this past weekend. Sending out thoughts and prayers, hosting and going to vigils,… Continue reading

Gender Queries.

I have been thinking about gender a lot lately – mostly about how there are way too many people concerned with the genitals of others. It’s so interesting to see cis people’s fascination… Continue reading

Bathroom Bills.

States like North Carolina have been making waves over the past few weeks with different pieces of legislation that are inherently discriminatory in nature – many of them focus on discriminating against LGBTQ… Continue reading

Girl Scouts.

I was a Girl Scout for several years growing up and I loved it. I loved the meetings (in part because most of the meetings by the end of my experience involved playing… Continue reading

Josephine by J Mase III

The above poem is one of my favorites – it’s from J Mase III about what the Bible says about trans and gender nonconforming people. And I love it so much because despite… Continue reading

Pronouns and Gender.

The weight we put on gender is incredible and it’s starts for people often before birth (and definitely when they’re assigned their gender at birth). We assume what babies might turn out to… Continue reading

Her Story.

Her Story is a upcoming new media series that looks at the dating lives of trans and queer women and I’m so excited to watch it. The trailer (below) is amazing and one… Continue reading

Trans Day of Remembrance – #tdor.

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember and speak the names of the people we’ve lost over the past year because of transphobic violence. It’s a day to mourn, to… Continue reading


Cissexism is a relatively new term that describes the ways in which we as a society assume that being cisgender is right or normal among other things.  The thing about cissexism is that… Continue reading

Sex and Gender.

So earlier today, Catherine of feministcorna asked about the differences between sex and gender and for some possible articles that discuss the two. And that got me thinking about how I take a… Continue reading