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The Recreational Weed Business Has a Race Problem.

So far in the US, four states and the District of Columbia that have passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana and the business has been growing fast. Unsurprisingly, the tax revenue from that has… Continue reading

Service Trips, White Savior Complex, and Voluntourism Revisited.

A question to all those going or have gone on international service trips – if you could go with no camera, would you? If you weren’t able to share stories from your trip… Continue reading

Quote on Colorblindness.

Some white people seem to think that talking about race automatically accuses all white people of racism. But by claiming colorblindness, they are shifting the conversation away from the injustices that people of… Continue reading

Moving to Canada.

There are plenty of people that have been joking about moving to Canada around the times of presidential elections here in the United States and at least for me, the joke seems to… Continue reading

White Fear.

Just in the last few days, I’ve written about the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords in New York City, and the Brown Berets – all groups that fought for justice and against… Continue reading

Why We Don’t Need a White History Month.

Each year when Black History Month happens, there always seem to white people who are outraged that there’s no designated White History Month. But the thing is that we (white people) don’t need… Continue reading

Quote on Voluntourism.

People on such short trips usually don’t stick around long enough to realize how ineffective they are being.  In Uganda, I got used to seeing groups of young people come for week-long visits at the… Continue reading

Your Fave is Problematic – Tina Fey.

Shocking right? Tina Fey is quite literally the definition of white feminism – her work and activism fights for equality of (white and middle class/rich) women and lacks any sort of intersectional lens.… Continue reading

Judith Butler on Police Brutality and Rodney King.

The police are structurally placed to protect whiteness against violence, where violence is the imminent action of the black male body. And because within this schema, the police protect whiteness, their own violence… Continue reading


The way that history is commonly presented in the US (at least in my experience) has been lacking in intersectionality and ironically historical context. I don’t think that individual history teachers are the… Continue reading