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(Recommended) Books


Body Positivity

  • The Body Positive is an organization dedicated to helping folks end their hatred towards their bodies and work towards a positive relationship with themselves. The organization provides a variety of resources and trainings to help youth and adults and have a book called Embody: Learning To Love Your Unique Body.
  • Health At Every Size is a community and a movement dedicated to meeting people where they’re at with their health and realizing that health isn’t synonymous with size.
  • She’s All Fat is a body positive podcast with an immense amount of chill vibes and amazing resources. April and Sophie are the hosts of the show and have created a great show and even better community. Episode topics have ranged from being nonbinary and fat, media representation, travel resources, and so much more. The show is funny, hilarious, and all around amazing. Whether you’re new to body positivity and fat acceptance or have been around for some time, this show is definitely a great way to spend some time each week.


Civil Rights




White Feminism

Intersectional Feminism

Feminist Media




General Resources







Mass Incarceration


Mental Illness



  • Know Your Rights – Your rights within the workplace and what to do if you experience discrimination

Different Identities/Experiences


Queer Media

  • Food 4 Thot (podcast) is “a multiracial mix of queer writers talk sex, relationships, race, identity, what [they] like to read, and who [they] like to read”. The show is entertaining, hilarious, thought-provoking, and a little raunchy at times.
  • LGBTQ&A With Jeffery Masters (podcast) is an interview podcast with queer and LGBTQ folks of all kinds. Jeffery Masters is a thoughtful host/interviewer and each episode offers an excellent conversation around identity, queer life, and more.
  • Making Gay History (podcast)
  • Nancy (podcast)
  • Out Here In America
  • Queerly Beloved
  • Queery with Cameron Esposito
  • Redefining Realness by Janet Mock (book)
  • Surpassing Certainty by Janet Mock (book)
  • When We Rise by Cleve Jones (book)


Race/Racism Resources


  • So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo (book)


Black Lives Matter

Understanding White Supremacy/Privilege



Sex Work

Olive (rikodeine on tumblr): learning about sex work and How to support sex workers

Phoenix (neoliberalismkills on tumblr) has a long list of information and resources about sex work and whorephobia, including:

Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP USA), including: ally resources and learn about sex work

Sex work and listening to sex workers, includes following articles: