Protecting and Supporting Trans Individuals.

I’ve written about this before – talking about how we need to protect all our sisters not just our cis-sters, #TransIsBeautiful and #GirlsLikeUs, resources for trans individuals, among many other posts. And I’ll always protect other trans individuals like my life depends on it because as a society, we are particularly awful at treating trans people respectfully and inclusively.

Feminist spaces can be trans exclusionary, particularly exclusionary to trans women. The ‘women only’ spaces that exist can be exclusionary in the way that there are spaces that are just for “women born women” and don’t allow trans women to attend. And we need to realize that the ways in which we talk about some feminist issues (like street harassment) also need to include trans women and not just center cis women. I’m not trying to say that we should ignore cis women in feminist discussions but instead that we should start including trans women as well.

It’s also important to recognize the ways in which trans women experience misogyny and transmisogyny and how trans women don’t actually have male privilege. (Hint: they really don’t because trans women are women.)

It’s also important to support trans men in their own journeys and lives. Kai M Green wrote an open letter to his transgender brothers, writing about his experience growing up trans and embracing his queerness. And it’s important to realize that there are myths about trans men that impact their lives and transitions – including within health care, like how some trans men do need to visit the gynecologist too and experience menstruation. Plus, there are some really off putting messages that are sent to trans men considering pregnancy.

And even more: there are trans people who don’t fit into the binary and identify as non-binary. For me, non-binary individuals are just as much as part of the trans community as binary trans folks and it’s important to acknowledge how we erase non-binary people from society and some of the myths we all need to unlearn.

And to all the wonderful trans people reading this: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you are wonderful and amazing and I so love your existence. There’s no race to transition – you do you friends and remember if you need anyone to talk to, I’m always here.❤

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